Fox in a box: Bunker

Fox in a box is a room-escape game organizer with 3 game-rooms at Lendplatz in Graz. Yesterday we had our annual team event and due to the weather being not really inviting we had to cancel our planned trip to Mautern for some Mountain Karting replacing it with room-escape and billard 😉

Out of the three games we picked “Bunker” where you are tasked with finding clues in a room filled with WW2 and cold-war furniture and accessories in order to abort a nuclear missile launch. The game is normally sized for at most six people but IMO it would probably work better with four to five. With six people it’s just that little bit too crowded in the room and one might have a bit more idle time than the others.

That being said, everybody eventually ended up with a job to do: For instance, the hint system was very well done here: Every 10 minutes you can hit a button and a card slides into a postbox with a hint. One person could keep an eye on the time and just request a hint whenever the time came.

The game itself also had some riddles I had never seen before which required quite good coordination between the team members and were my absolute highlight! To summarize, I can absolutely recommend “Bunker” at Fox in a box in Graz 😄