After seeing ads for it for the last couple of weeks, yesterday evening we started watching Ragnarok on Netflix. That show only has six episodes so we set out to finish it in one go if it turned out to be entertaining. Given that we only got to bed close to midnight, you can assume that it was indeed entertaining 😅

Ragnarok takes place in the fictional Norwegian town of Edda (which may or not be related to the Icelandic Edda 😉) when a family of a mother and her two teenaged sons moves there. There is basically one huge chemicals company in town which finances pretty much everything and (with the director) even has links into the local high school. Since Edda is located at the bank of a fjord on the one side and a glacier on the other, having a chemical plant there sounds like a bad idea. When, all of a sudden, a local green activist has a deadly accident, things quickly get out of hand.

The show inspired by Norse Mythology tells the story of a millennia old fight between the ancient nordic gods and the giants (Jötunn) but set in a small town with the local social setting. There are just so many references to legends around Thor and Wotan! At first, though, I was a bit afraid that the plot might take a dive into high-school drama but that, luckily, was not the case! There definitely is some of that here but added fight scenes and mystery make for a good mix. The show also reminded me that I still have Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology on my to-read list…

And any show that starts off with “Midnight City” by M83 cannot be bad 😍

One final note: At first we were a bit confused by the 16+ age tag. The show is not that violent but there is still enough (mostly animal) blood and sexual references and hints that wouldn’t qualify for 12+ IMO.

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