Living in times of COVID-19

Just like probably you too, I’ve been under a (in my case voluntary) curfew since the evening of March 10. Since then I’ve only left the apartment to buy groceries or taking the trash out. TU Graz has closed down as of March 11 which means that all my courses there are currently put on hold. One is currently scheduled to commence in June while the second right now mostly consists only of homework and we will most likely get an update in the next couple of days.

Since last Tuesday (March 17) it’s also no longer possible to get meals from restaurants, instead you have to use a delivery service. Since we live around 4 km from the city center that has limited our options quite drastically. We still have a couple of restaurants in our area that can be accessed through Mjam and Lieferando. It just feels weird to order something from the Pizzeria that is just on the ground floor the complex we are living 😂 (trying to support them as much as possible).

Obviously, staying fit has become more complicated with the curfew. All fitness studios are closed but luckily I have a Kinect and everyone here is using it daily with Kinect Adventures! to get some activity done. Whenever I go down for the groceries I try to take the stairs as this makes avoiding other people in the elevator easier. Getting some movement in the process is just a bonus 😅

That lack of activity-options has a couple of other positive side-effects so far:

  • I finally managed to finish Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch.
  • That whole idea of giving Bullet Journaling a try would not have been possible (or so easy).
  • Books, books, books 😁

I’m really lucky that everyone in my larger circle is still healthy and most of us can work from home, so everyone seems to be holding up well so far. Fingers crossed that it stays this way. A big thank you goes to everyone who cannot work from home and who actively (or passively) helps keeping the system from breaking down! You are heroes!