Collecting COVID-19 stats for Austria

Note: This project has been archived on 2023-07-03.

For 10 days now I’ve been scraping information from the Austrian “Sozialministerium” (and since yesterday also from to get a historical view on the course COVID-19 is taking in Austria. That page doesn’t offer any kind of history to its values and so I thought it might be useful to some to have that data available as CSV or SQLite database. You can find the result on GitHub where you can also see exactly how I’m fetching the data as well as the resulting CSV file with values going back to March 13 thanks to’s Wayback machine.

The CI job in that repository also bundles that CSV with datasette and publishes it onto Thanks to the datasette-vega plugin you can even generate some nice graphs out of the data:

Curve of confirmed cases in Austria (source)

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