Zoom: Not suited for secrets

This week, US-company Zoom has come under fire after The Intercept published a story indicating that Zoom’s claim of End-to-End encryption is mostly bogus:

But when reached for comment about whether video meetings are actually end-to-end encrypted, a Zoom spokesperson wrote, โ€œCurrently, it is not possible to enable E2E encryption for Zoom video meetings. Zoom video meetings use a combination of TCP and UDP. TCP connections are made using TLS and UDP connections are encrypted with AES using a key negotiated over a TLS connection.โ€

Last night, Citizen Lab at University of Toronto has followed up with publishing a report on their own after taking a long, hard look at Zoom. According to them, audio and video content in Zoom meetings ist only encrypted with a single AES-128 key operating in ECB mode. The key itself is sent to the participants from the central Zoom servers and even with no participant being in China, Chinese servers seem to be used here. The Citizen Lab’s report closes with this chapter title:

  1. Conclusion: Not Suited for Secrets

Honestly, at this point I think everyone should just throw some money and humanpower at open projects like Jitsi and try to minimise their (legal) losses…

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