Having a post-lockdown bucket list

One of the first things I did when it became apparent that this lockdown would take a little longer, was to create a list of things I wanted to do pretty much right after being able to live outside my apartment again. Non of the items should be hard to complete but should simply be things that I liked to do before plus a little extra mindfulness sprinkled over it.

So that’s what’s currently on it:

  • Have a beer at Sudhaus (brewery in Graz)
  • Eat a Pizza at Sägewerk
  • Take a train to Vienna and enjoy 7Stern-Bräu
  • BBQ w/ friends
  • Go to a nice spa
  • Visit a nice book store (that will probably take a bit longer as I’d really visit Powell’s again…)

If you have any recommendations that are reachable by train from Graz, please let me know 🙂