Some people are driving me nuts

Sorry, a little rant ahead:

I leave the apartment every two days to buy fresh food and bring down the trash. That would work great if people weren’t driving me nuts especially at the super market:

  • Some people don’t wear their mask over mouth and nose.
  • Despite clear instructions throughout the super market some folks don’t leave at least 1.5m between each other. The only place where that works at least most of the time is at the checkout.
  • If you need something from an aisle then get it and then yourself out of there. “Window shopping” is all nice and good if the aisles are more than 5m wide. Normally, they are not hence if you’re in an aisle, nobody else can pass you!
  • Our apartment complex has a single large trash room per building. It’s not large enough, though, that more than 2 people can be in it while keeping the recommended 1.5m distance. I’ve yet to see someone actually waiting outside while someone else is currently using this room.

It’s really not hard, folks: Keep your distance and don’t act like you were the only person in the world!