Why I have a blog

After reading Kev Quirk’s post about why he has a blog I searched through my archives and noticed that I hadn’t written a similar post in quite a while. So her’s the 2020-edition:

I’ve had this blog for nearly 16 years now. At first I used it mostly in a way you’d nowadays use Twitter: I linked to articles I found interesting or simply release notes of software I was using.

Since then my motivation changed a bit. I mostly use it now to organize my thoughts about certain topics. Sometimes it’s also simply that someone asked me a question and I anticipated others might benefit from a public answer, too, and so I put it up here. Oh, and just as Scott Hanselman once said (paraphrasing here): there is something about just googling (with DuckDuckGo) a topic and your name to find out if you already once had an opinion about something 😅

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Alternatively, I'm also experimenting with Webmentions. If you write a post on a blog that supports this technique, I should get notified about your link 🙂