The Valhalla Murders

Last night we once again did a little (this time unplanned) binge-watching session. We started watching “The Valhalla Murders” on Netflix in the late afternoon with the goal of just seeing if we’d like it. Well, at 2 in the morning (and after only a couple of toilet breaks) we had watched all 8 episodes!

The show is about a series of brutal murders mostly in Reykjavík, Iceland connected to a child-care facility named “Valhalla” and how the understaffed and overworked Icelandic Police is trying to solve the case. They are supported by a colleague from Norway who also has a history on Iceland and soon need to move from one picturesque landscape to the next in order to follow all the Leads going back many decades.

As with pretty much every Nordic show I’ve seen so far the whole setting is quite dark and tense but also extremely well executed. The plot is well paced so it never gets boring even though the show has some slow phases. In general, I really enjoyed ever episode 🙂