WriteTheDocs 2020 events going online

Not surprisingly, the organizers of the WriteTheDocs conference series announced two days ago that they would move at least the Portland and the Prague events scheduled for this year to become online-only events. It’s not yet clear how that will actually all work but for those who’ve already purchased tickets there are options to either convert them to online tickets or getting a refund. Given the quality of the previous events I’m quite confident that it will be worth just converting your ticket 🙂

I guess they will also eventually re-open the ticket sale for the Portland event once they have a clear plan what that event will look like. So far, at least, it’s scheduled for some time in August with the Prague one following some time this fall. I was already really looking forward to another great week in Prague in September but I can definitely understand why this online-move was made. This, though, has the advantage that I can at least try to attend but events again without having to finance a trip to the US AND the Czech Republic 😅