Germany's reproduction rate over 1.0 again

According to the Robert-Koch-Institute the reproduction rate in Germany has now moved over 1.0 again after being at only 0.83 just the day before. It sounds like more and more people start to feel like all these measures to keep the deseace in check overkill and skip their way around them or even protest against the restrictions.

At least in the area of Graz where I’m living I still see pretty much everyone adhering to the rules and recommendations handed down by the government. In open areas most people walk around without masks but once you enter an enclosed space, like a supermarket, everyone is wearing a mask now and I haven’t even seen anyone for a long time not wearing one properly. At the checkout the distancing also still works, in the hallways not so much but at least we’re all wearing masks and at least know that we are not supposed to come too close to each other.

Let’s hope that this will be enough for us to do better than Germany and best of luck to everyone there πŸ™‚