The Last Emperox

For some reason it’s taking me longer and longer to get through even the most entertaining books right now. Anyway: The latest victim of that trend was John Scalzi’s “The Last Emperox” which I started on 20 April and took me until yesterday evening to read the last line of.

This book marks the third and last instalment in the “The Interdependency” series. Unlike in the previous books, the nobility of the Interdependency has finally accepted that the network of “Flows” that connects the planets of that union is collapsing and everyone creates plans to get themselves and their money to the last planet that can support human life on its own: End.

Again, unlike the previous book “The Last Emperox” follows mostly the stories of Riva and Cardenia as they try to keep the other noble houses under control and just survive all the schemes that are executed to put them down. Weirdly enough, I finally grew to really like Riva with all her profanities so I can recommend this book for her chapters alone 😁 Keep in mind, though, that this is the third part of a series and you definitely should have read the first two before starting with this one. That being said, you definitely should read the whole series if you enjoy space-operas with lots of humor! Just keep the profanity-buzzer ready and don’t expect high-tech sci-fi πŸ˜‰

As for this being the last instalment in the series: John Scalzi leaves quite a few plot lines open for possible future books. It’s still fitting to call it a conclusion of the series but I won’t go into details in order not to spoil anything for you.