100DaysToOffload now more like 100PostsToOffload

After giving the whole #100DaysToOffload challenge another thought with the collected experience of the first 3 weeks Kev changed the goals from publishing 100 posts in 100 days to 100 posts in 365 days. This has the advantage that he and others can spend more time fine-tuning before publishing the posts. IMO that’s a good step since it will also allow more people to participate without burning through ideas and burning out in the process!

Looking through my archives I’ve also noticed that I haven’t written any overly long post in quite some time but I don’t think that’s related to the challenge. In fact, for me the original goals have worked very well and I will try to continue putting out at least one article every day for the remainder of the 100 days. That being said, with the new goals published I at least won’t feel too bad when the day comes where I don’t feel like writing anything 😅