Home improvement day

Sorry, not all that much technical happened yesterday. I had some drafts in the backlog but didn’t find the time to finish any of them. Instead, I spent most of the day on various “home improvement” projects:

  • One of our outdoor Fatboys had some holes in the inner bag that contained all these little plastic balls that make them so comfortable. Thankfully, the retailer where we had bought it two years ago send us a new bag. Getting all these pellets from one bag into the other takes quite a while and so I avoided doing it for far too long 😅 Anyway, it’s done now and both bags should be comfy again!
  • The office finally has some desk lights again. For that little projected I wanted to give IKEA’s smart-lights a try and am quite happy with them so far 🙂

Oh, and I wanted to be able to publish blog posts using TextBundles from iOS and therefore had to write a bit of code to make this possible. This is related to me giving Ulysses a try for writing blog posts but more on that at another time…

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