Short attention span in full effect

During the last couple of days and weeks I’ve grown more and more restless. For instance, I can no longer read an article (even a short one) to the end before doing something else. It feels like my attention span has now shortened to something like 2 minutes which starts to really annoy me. I want to read Chuck Wendig’s “Wanderers” (which is awesome, btw.), I want to listen to that podcast, I want to read the latest article from my blogroll.

So I will try something different today: Whenever I finish a piece of work, I set out to follow that with exactly one podcast or exactly one chapter in the book. Perhaps I can calm my nerves this way.

Additionally, I’m currently in the process of pretty much unfollowing everyone on Twitter for whom I can find a RSS/Atom feed. This way, Twitter will cease to be a news-source for me and only be a place to talk with people. The same goes for visiting sites for news: If your site offers a feed, I will use that, so that I no longer have to jump around the web all the time just to stay up to date. If your site doesn’t have an RSS feed (or anything else that’s supported by FeedBin) I probably won’t show up in your access logs all that often anymore. This should help me focusing again. Fingers crossed.