Reward yourself

After getting the confirmation that I had passed the Kubernetes Application Developer certification exam I ran into a bit of a motivation black hole. I usually try to make myself a little gift every time I finish an exam or after completing some other milestones but being at home for 2 months has basically robbed me off any kind of imagination in this regard. While I saw some bags on that I’d like to have, I didn’t see the need as going out was limited anyway. Last Friday, finally, I found something: I rode my bike to my favourite brewery and got myself a couple of bottles of my favourite beer. Right before that I had stumbled upon Ulysses which turned out to be another really awesome gift to myself!

In order to keep my motivation up I’m now explicitly looking for little treats to reward myself at least every couple of days even if I don’t achieve any milestone. Sitting at home all day, not being able to attend any conferences or meeting up with friends simply requires some counter-weight!

What’s your process here and/or what were some of your favourite gifts to yourself in the past?

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