Twitter adds fact-checking helpers

So, last night tweet-in-chief posted something on Twitter/Birdsite about voting using mail-in ballots and Twitter did something that absolutely made my day:

Info button visible below Trump's tweet about mail-in ballots in California

They added a little info button below his tweet with the label “Get the facts about mail-in ballots”! That button redirects the reader to a page titled “Trump makes unsubstantiated claim that mail-in ballots will lead to voter fraud”:

Live-Event page linking to various tweets about Trump's claims

Other sites have already covered this in a rather extensive manner so please read for instance the following articles for a more complete picture:

This step is a bit weird, though, given that in other circumstances Twitter argued that Mr Trump was not violating any rules and therefore they couldn’t do anything about his content. I’m not sure what’s different about this one tweet now (compared to e.g. his hints affecting the Klausutis family) that they saw the need to implement new UI elements and not updating their rules. That being said, that little button made my day so far!