Do not contact me for links!

Yesterday, Gregory Hammond wrote a great post about why people don’t respond when asked about adding a link to their site from yours. Every couple of days I get one of these mails by some agency. Most if not all of them look somehow auto-generated, reference really old posts of mine, and plug content that is only loosely related to what I originally wrote.

At one point, someone contacted me about a post I wrote in 2005 about a Zen Garden-inspired design I created. From the content of that mail I can only guess that the author doesn’t really know what CSS Zen Garden is as she asked me to help safe butterflies 🤷‍♂️

While I still at least read over every e-mail I get, I’ve yet to see one of these pitches that actually provided any added-value to me. For this reason I’ve mostly switched my brain into a delete-first-ask-later mode. This does not mean that I don’t value actual feedback and suggestions!

Please send me feedback!

But if you do then please at least make sure that you’re talking about the same topic as the post you’re referencing 🙂 And if you link to an article in your comment that I think will benefit those that read my blog (including my future self) then I usually update the relevant posts!