At a loss of words

With some police officers in the USA killing innocents, people protesting, police fighting protestors with brutal force, journalists being attacked with one even losing one eye and all that during a pandemic it’s really hard to write about such trivial stuff as I usually do here.

Today, I just want to link to some articles and content that has deeply moved me over the course of the last 24h:

Journalists all over the US getting between the lines

From a television crew assaulted by protesters to a photographer struck in the eye, journalists have found themselves targeted on the streets of America. — New York Times


At least 75 cities have seen protests in recent days, and mayors in more than two dozen cities imposed curfews. – New York Times

That’s not de-escalation

Put another way: they couldn’t have shot out my eye if they weren’t shooting at all. And the people they’re shooting at are folk protesting decades of violent white supremacy.

We know this cause not a month ago a bunch of MAGA folks also protested and nobody got shot – Linda Tirado

Police officers siding with protestors

There are also a few records of police officers siding with protestors fighting against police brutality:

I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of the police officers are good people who just want to help. They have to speak up, though and take an active stand against brutality.

International solidarity with protesters