Corona clothing style or voting by mail

In the most recent episode of “Last Week Tonight” about voting by mail John Oliver showed a segment where a health worker was interviewed arguing that everything was safe, voting was safe… while wearing a face mask and a light PPE suit.

Nothing is more reassuring that everything is fine than someone standing in a large hall wearing protective clothing. My highlight was, though, what name John Oliver gave you that look: “Chernobyl casual” 🤣

Let’s see if we will eventually all be getting that at H&M. Let’s hope not.

Oh, and just for the record: Austria has generally allowed voting by mail since 2007. There have been some issues but overall I think it’s been a success. Heck, if not for it there would have been quite a few elections I wouldn’t have been able to vote at and for some people it’s the only way to participate at all.