Not everything needs to be externalised

For the last couple of days I’ve been really struggling with handling tasks in my Bullet Journal. The main reason for this is that I simply don’t have it with me all the time and therefore have to put new ideas et al. into some other place until I have the chance to write it down properly. With my previous setup consisting of OmniFocus and Fantastical I could get an overview over what I needed to get done or what was scheduled for tomorrow or simply write down a new thing that needed to get done literally while waiting in a supermarket’s checkout queue just by pulling out my phone.

But let’s be honest here: Why is that even important? Why can’t I simply wait a couple of minutes? Perhaps I’ve simply relied for too long on externalising my brain. Every single event, every single task makes it into some sort of external system. Remember David Allan’s 2-minute-rule? One might argue that it’s no longer relevant anyway but the point is that not everything must be put into some sort of system if it’s actionable right now and could be completed with very little effort.

I think, I have to relearn things like keeping the schedule for the next hour or two in my head without having to constantly look up stuff in my journal. As for new things to get done: I’ll just put them into the inbox in OmniFocus and not use the app for anything else (ok, except for the list of groceries to get)…