Altered Carbon: Worth a re-watch

There are very few shows where I’d want to re-watch a whole season. Sure, there are some classics like “Firefly” but other than that and “Person of Interest” that list was pretty empty up until recently. Now, though, I have to add season one of “Altered Carbon”. Back when it was first released on Netflix in 2018 I immediately fell in love with show, its style, the characters, and it basically being somewhere between Bladerunner and Firefly.

For some reason my partner hadn’t seen the show back then and since season two had just come out recently I convinced her to start the show from the beginning. Turns out, we basically binged the first season in two evenings 😁 At this point we are at episode 2-3 of season two but that’s mostly because yesterday we were simply too tired to do anything after work. While season two feels completely different from the first 10 episodes, we are still enjoying it very much especially thanks to Chris Conner reprising his role as Poe 😍