Wine and other fruit farmers in Austria are allowed to operate little taverns without any additional requirements in which they are allowed sell their own products, cold meals, and desserts produced by themselves. These taverns even have their own special name (also in law): They are called “Buschenschenken” (or singular “Buschenschank”) because they usually put a bush-symbol out in front of the building to signal that they’re open.

If you’re in Austria outside of the winter season, make sure to plan a trip to one of them! Depending on which you pick you might end up with beautiful traditional farm-style furniture on the inside and large outdoor seating areas on the outside. If you’re in a wine region then they are also often located directly within the vineyards of the farms. That’s also the case for our personal favourite:

View over the vineyard at Wiengut Sauer/Stefanie's Buschenschank

Stefanie’s Buschenschank is part of the Weingut Sauer (Gaulitsch 10, 8442 Kitzeck im Sausal) and has excellent wine and one of the best Brettljaus’n (the traditional meal you get at pretty much every Buschenschank) I’ve had so far. It has only one downside IMO: It’s only reachable by car from Graz.

If you need something closer to Graz (reachable at least via Taxi), I recommend Buschenschank Wastl located in the North of the city (Wenisbucher Straße 119, 8044 Graz). It’s far less modern compared to Stefanie’s Buschenschank but if you like traditional flair, Wastl should be something for you 🙂

OK, why am I writing about Buschenschenken now? Because today we finally were able to open the season for us 😅