Notes from GoGraz 2020.06

This is a bit weird, wasn’t this month’s GoGraz meetup supposed to be today? Actually, no. We had some old entries in our account that followed the old cadence. We noticed that only very late and so settled for messing up the schedule completely by doing a Jitsi call on the third Monday of the month (which happened to be yesterday) 🙄

With only two attendees (Dorian and myself) we just talked about a handful of things we had discovered in the past month:

  • UtahFS: An encrypted storage system using S3 or similar providers as backend and that allows to be mounted using FUSE binding.
  • xrdp: OK not in Go but still interesting: An opensource server for Microsoft’s RDP protocol.
  • Just yesterday the Go team announced that they had opensourced!
  • NVIDIA has a little development board called the NVIDIA Jetson Nano that has pretty much the same form-factor as the RaspberryPI but focused on machine learning/AI development. At 109€ it’s quite tempting, too.

That was it 🙂 Next time we want to meet up in person again at a restaurant. Traditionally this usually means Gösser Bräu but the final location is yet to be decided. Let’s see if we can get the date right in July 😅