Facebook has probably the best customer support

… if you’re Trump. Earlier today, The Washington Post published an article by Elizabeth Dwoskin, Craig Timberg, and Tony Romm in which they describe the symbiotic relationship between US-president Donald Trump and Facebook ever since his time as presidential candidate back in 2015 and 2016. There is little new in that article about this time period but one paragraph focusing on the recent weeks was definitely new to me:

To Facebook’s executives in Washington, the post didn’t appear to violate its policies, which allows leaders to post about government use of force if the message is intended to warn the public — but it came right up to the line. The deputies had already contacted the White House earlier in the day with an urgent plea to tweak the language of the post or simply delete it, the people said.

So basically Facebook is advising the Trump-administration how to phrase their messages in order not to get thrown of the platform… That’s premium customer service right there. I have to wonder, if they’d do that for anyone who brings them enough traffic no matter what their message is. A message that comes close to violating even Facebook’s policies originating from the White House is something I don’t want to even get into anymore…

I guess, adapting your rules for your customers is still easier than the other way around. Even for Facebook.

I feel better and better about permanently deleting my Instagram account a couple of days ago…

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