Getting help with webmentiond

Ever since starting webmentiond I somehow thought that GitHub issues might be the #1 place for people to ask questions about it. I completely ignored, though, that this is the road only developers or designers would probably think of. In fact, pretty much all questions I’ve got so far came via Mastodon.

While Mastodon and Twitter are great for sharing small tidbits of information, they are not well-suited for longer exchanges with technical details being part of the back and forth. At the same time, I don’t want to become a bottleneck when it comes to getting between you and you running webmentiond and so any primary support channel should be open as much as possible.

r/webmentiond on Reddit

For this reason, I’d kindly ask you, if you have questions regarding webmentiond, face some issues, or just want to give me feedback please do so on either of these channels:

You can still absolutely just ping me via Mastodon and Twitter but for actual discussions around specific parts of webmentiond, please use either of these channels (preferably Reddit).

Why not webmentions for this?

The simple answer is “bootstrapping”. If you’re completely new to webmentions it’s quite hard for me to find out if you have any issues without you having to contact me either via Mastodon or e-mail. Going with a seemingly “external” solution should help here.

But why preferably Reddit?

Quite frankly, I simply like the way discussions are handled on this platform. It’s little overhead for me and it, ideally, moderates itself. In case you don’t have an account there, it’s also easier to onboard for non-technical people (or at least non-programmers).

Thank you so much for showing interest in my little side-project and I hope to see you soon on either of these channels for some lively discussions 😀