Austrian SARS-CoV2 infections rising again

Over the last two weeks the number of infected people in Austria has been rising again. On June 16 we were down to around 330 infected according to official numbers and now we are back at around 660 😞

Number of still confirmed cases since May

The chart above tries to visualise this trend. You can get the latest version of this chart on where I host a little datasette instance based on

To be honest, after watching people behave ever since some of the more drastic measures had been lifted I’m not surprised. Two weeks ago we drove through Velden am Wörthersee, a tourism hub for the pseudo-rich and rich and people were basically sitting and standing on top of each other. It got so bad that a couple of days later there were even reports about it on national TV.

But also in supermarkets everyone seems to have forgotten the ground-rules. At the registers people no longer keep their distance and push forward even though I’m still in the process of paying and packing my stuff… Second wave, here we come 😭