Fake Facts by Katharina Nocun & Pia Lamberty

Disclaimer: Sorry, this book is only available in German right now.

“Fake Facts” is a great introduction into the world of conspiracy tales and ideologies in which the two authors try to go as deep as possible into the origins of the more famous ones and also describe why humans tend to be susceptible to such stories and world-views. I especially thought the latter (Pia Lamberty has a masters degree in psychology after all) to be highly interesting!

As such, one of the main goals of this book is to explain to the reader that people who believe in conspiracy tales are not stupid or crazy nor that the tales themselves are harmless. In my opinion, it succeeds on all fronts!

This is one of the very few books where I can say that I can recommend it to anybody without any qualifiers other than knowing German.

P.S.: If you want a DRM-free ebook, go to the publisher’s website 🙂

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