Exam time

Today, I had my first exam for the semester that took place within the physical premises of the university. Due to COVID-19 TU Graz introduced some strict rules under which people were allowed to participant in such exams:

  1. You’re only allowed to enter a building once you have your mask on.
  2. Once you’re in, there is a waiting area allocated per lecture hall (where the exam takes place). This area has small markings on the floor so that every person is positioned away from each other.
  3. At a sign people move single-file into the lecture hall.
  4. Once in there, attendees should take every n-th seat where they can find the exam sheets ready for them.
  5. Once done, everybody waits for the supervisor to indicate that the allocated time is over and then everybody moves out of the room again after putting their exam sheets into a basket.

The university even produced a short video that shows this procedure in German and English.

IMO, the whole procedure makes sense and is quite practical! Most people were also very disciplined and followed those steps. The only aspect that didn’t work that well was the waiting area. For some reason, some folks simply couldn’t keep their distance and had to be reminded by a supervisor.

Honestly? I wouldn’t mind if all exams from now on took place this way 😅 The procedure, not the exam itself 😩