Where Cards Falls (Apple Arcade)

A couple of weeks ago, Where Cards Fall received an Apple Design Award, and rightly so. The game is beautiful and the game mechanics are great. The goal of the game is to guide a boy through his life. Every major stage in his life is depicted as a level where you have to guide him from the start over platforms to an exit. He cannot really jump so you have to prepare a path form him and this is where cards come in. Every level has a number of cards lying around that you can transform into platforms, roofs, columns and therefore position them conveniently in the gaps between the platforms that our protagonist has to navigate.

The problem is that you don’t get enough cards to simply fill up the whole level. Instead you have to orchestrate them around, always moving the boy back and forth until you’re finally at the exit. In some levels there is also strong wind present which will blow your structures of card down, forcing you to become even more strategic.

I had lots of fun here but there were, sadly, also some things I didn’t like. Chief among them was that the frame-rate sometimes took quite a big hit, falling down into the single-digits for a second or two. Nothing major but it at least slightly affected the flow of the game.

If you have Apple Arcade, definitely give it a try. It’s not a “subscription seller” to me, though.

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