Blast from the past: The Pelikan Level L65 fountain pen

This Thursday I went home to Klagenfurt to visit my Mum. While being in my old room I noticed an old Pelikan Level ink tank. I thought to myself: β€œIf the tank is still there, perhaps my old school fountain pen is somewhere here too?” After a bit of rummaging through old boxes I found it! A good old Pelikan Level L65 in blue and black!

Pelikan Level L65 with tank

The German company Pelikan made these between 1997 and 2001 and they were great! Not because they looked fancy (they did not) but because they could hold 4ml of ink in its reservoir! For comparison, a normal ink cartridge holds around 1.4ml of ink. Refilling happens through a small valve at the back of the shaft. There you plug a tank in and squeeze it to push ink through the valve into the pen’s reservoir.

Sadly, Pelikan stopped producing the Level line in 2001. On the plus side, I still have a half-full tank and that tank can be just unscrewed and refilled with whatever ink I want 😁

In order: Pelikan B, Parker F, Lamy EF, Pelikan B

So now I have also a broad fountain pen with blue ink that might be useful for headings 😊