The Old Guard

The Old Guard is a new movie available on Netflix starring Charlize Theron as leader of an immortal squad of soldiers. Some of them had been around for many hundreds of years and fought in everything from small skirmishes all the way to world-wars. While their original mission was to just make the world better they soon face an adversary that wants to uncover their secrets.

And if this wasn’t enough, all of a sudden they become aware of someone who was just about to discover their immortality!

What follows are 125 minutes of pure actual with a bit of story in between gun fights. That being said, the backstory of all characters was intriguing enough for my taste πŸ™‚

That and the banter between all members of squad simply made for a very entertaining movie that somehow felt like the pilot episode of a show. Now I just hope there will really be a show coming after this. I want to see more of them πŸ˜…

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