Sometimes I really need a deadline

When I started my education leave I wanted to achieve three things:

  1. Attend some university courses that didn’t exist back when I was studying computer science
  2. Get a Kubernetes Application Developer certification
  3. Get a Microsoft Azure solution architect certification

Since I anticipated that the Azure certification path would take the longest, I started it with. When I had done the first pass of going through the learning material I wanted to sign up for an exam in order to see what dates were available. Sadly, the signup didn’t work due to technical issues while at the same time Microsoft was struggling under the load of COVID-19 induced traffic. Frustrated, I decided to expedite the Kubernetes certification in order to get something done first and then try again signing up for the Azure exam after that.

Then university happened and I needed to spend far more time on the homework and courses there than I had originally anticipated. I was finally able to submit my last homework and exams last week. Now I have only about 7 more weeks until my educational leave ends and so I decided to give myself an additional kick in the butt by trying the whole signup-process for an Azure certification exam one more time. It worked this time and so I’ll have my first Azure architect exam in early August with about three weeks time to refresh my memory of the material 😅

The Azure solution architect certification actually consists of two exams, both with more or less the same learning material but with slightly different focus. Depending on the outcome of the first exam, I hope I’ll be able to try the second shortly afterwards 🙂