Warrior Nun

Another week, another Netflix show. In Warrior Nun the story is told from the point of view of Ava, a teenager that … just died. And while she lies in a morgue inside a church (don’t ask) somewhere around Malaga in Spain a group of warriors enters the building being pursuit by unknown attackers. Their leader is mortally wounded and a doctor has to remove an artifact from her back. When the battle reaches the morgue the doctor is forced to hide that artifact (a metal halo) inside of Ava … which revives here.

What follows are 10 episodes with the first five being a bit heavy on the teenage drama. Luckily, that’s not everything! There is also a lot of hand-to-hand combat and story around ancient religious artifacts, scientists that want to explore the material these were made out of, and powerful forces within the catholic church. The way the story is told in the beginning feels like something that should be YA, but for some reason it is marked as for 16+. There is a small number slightly more brutal scenes and a hint at a sex scene but that’s it.

All that should actually accumulate to something that I would not enjoy. For some reason I did though. There is a lot of humor in here especially in the way Ava tells her story. After the first five episodes the show takes a complete turn: The teenie-elements move into the background in favor of the story about the warrior nuns and the church. The whole show gets much darker and more focused. The conflicts also become much more violent and finally the 16+ rating makes sense. Sadly, there are also fewer background roles. Especially during the first couple of episodes I noticed that their movement patterns and actions were quite elaborate. In the end I started to look more at what the background actors did than the main characters 😂

The picturesque landscape of southern Spain also helped… Enough for a second season, though? I’d definitely watch one especially since there are enough plotlines which are not resolved by the end of episode ten. There are perhaps a bit too many over-the-top storylines in here but the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is a good thing.

Warrior Nun probably won’t make it into my top-5 shows but that won’t stop me from continuing to watch it (if a second season is produced) 😅

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