Remote: Office not required

Last week a book made the jump into my “reading” list that had been in my backlog ever since the pandemic reached Austria: “Remote: Office not required” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanson in which the two describe how 37Signal was doing remote back in 2013. Now that far more people have gotten their first taste of working from home the book is even more relevant than it was seven years ago.

While some of the information in here might be dated, the to-the-point style in which the two authors share some of the tips and practices they’ve developed over the years still makes IMO a very good read. I especially appreciated some of the advice for employers about work-life-balance and, for instance, also offering a procurement process for office-furniture for the home-office.

What could have made the book better? Back then probably not all that much. As a new edition of that book made for 2020 I’d love to read something with experience reports from 37Signals, GitLab, and others 😅

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