Disinfectant that doesn't burn

I’ve had issues with dry skin of my hands for many years and because of that I usually have a tube of some form of skin-care cream not far away. With COVID-19 reaching Austria and disinfectants popping up left and right it became apparent that I needed to use even more skin-care products or start wearing gloves in order to avoid those mostly alcohol-based solutions. Whenever I came home from a super market who had disinfected their carts my skin looked desert-dry at best and bloody at worst.

Some time ago there was a report on TV (something on ORF 2, probably a report in Steiermark Heute) about Super Saubi which is a disinfectant specifically for children and contains no alcohol. I immediate ordered a bottle for €4.99/100ml (or for a refill at €11.99/1l) to give it a try. I’ve now used it for a couple of weeks and so far so good. No dry skin, no burning. Iβ€˜m no physicist so I cannot day anything about its antiviral power compared to alcohol-based disinfectants, but it’s chlorine-based so it should have at least some effect πŸ™‚