Good Sudoku (iOS)

Thanks to an article on The Verge I stumbled upon Good Sudoku a couple of days ago. It’s been many years (at least 10 at this point) that I’ve played any Sudoku. While I always enjoyed them, especially the harder ones required a lot of effort (with notes etc.) that I eventually grew tired of.

What makes Good Sudoku for iOS special is that it automates all the tedious work. You don’t have to go through every house (3x3 square) to see if a number can only be in a single spot, nor do you have to add initial notes manually. These two helpers don’t do away with any of the skills you need to solve the puzzles but just make solving them less annoying.

Simple yet stylish interface with auto-notes

For more difficult puzzles of the Expert, Pro, and Impossible levels (the game also has a Beginner and an Advanced level) the game’s hint system becomes more and more relevant. Unlike other systems I’ve seen so far this one not only makes suggestions but also explains them to you so that you are able to resolve future similar problems yourself. Ever heard of the X-Wing strategy? Nope? Neither have I, but it’s one of the many tricks that you can learn here.

If you don’t want to use any of those helpers then you can also play Sudoku in the “classic” mode. There are also daily puzzles that get harder from Monday to Sunday. But even without these, the game includes up to 7000 puzzles in every difficulty. This should be enough for everyone 🙂

Yes, it’s only a sudoku game but ever since getting it two days ago it’s been hard to put down 😅