More fountain pens, oh my

As you might have noticed, I’m more and more writing about pens and especially fountain pens here. My light obsession with pen & paper has now finally reached a point where I also started referring to my set of fountain pens as a “collection”. It’s not a “fancy collection” yet and there is still hope that it will never get to this point but I now have 3 pens in active use. (+1 that’s inactive at the moment) each with a different purpose:

Daily pens

From top to bottom that’s first my Lamy accent with an EF nib (black Parker ink) which I use for most of my writing, a Lamy AL-Star also with an EF nib (turquoise Lamy ink) which I use for highlights and headings, and finally a Parker Sonnet I with a F nib (black Parker ink) which I use for bold text and headings. Last but not least is a Lamy pico, which might end up being the only ballpoint pen that I ever want to carry around with me all the time. It’s small (but expands to a full-sized pen), feels solid, and is just great for taking quick notes where the usually downsides of ballpoint pens don’t matter. The one not in the picture is my old Pelikan Level fountain pen with a medium nib (blue Pelikan ink) for which I don’t use at the moment.

Besides the pico the the only real new thing for me is the turquoise ink. I originally wanted to keep my journal all black and white but then I saw this one and simply had to get it 😅It’s just great for highlights and headings:

Turquoise ink for headings

At this point I don’t have any “duplicate” fountain pens meaning one with the same ink and nib size as another. I’m not sure if I want to get past this barrier simply because it feels like waste to me unless I’m no longer happy using one of the pens listed above. Time will tell 🙂