The Team: Season 1 (TV show, 2015)

Over the last couple of evenings we tried to work a little bit through our DVRs backlog and continued watching a crime show from 2015 called “The Team” . OK, probably the worst title ever for a crime show but let’s ignore that for now. It’s been produced as a coproduction between the national broadcasters of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland.

The first season deals with a case of the murders of multiple women in Germany, Belgium, and Denmark somehow involving the Lithuanian billionaire Marius Loukauski. Due to the internationality of the case, Europol organizes a team (“roll credits”) of three investigators: Alicia Verbeeck (Belgium, played by Veerle Baetens), Harald Bjørn (Denmark, played by Lars Mikkelsen), and Jackie Müller (Germany, played by Jasmin Gerat). Every investigator has quite a deep back story and they are embedded in believable settings with lots of side-characters that also have their own problems.

The whole production feels like a mix of the more high-quality Tatort shows and Nordic crime shows. It’s dark, thrilling, and has lots of production value. Combine that with great acting and also a very interesting story you get an excellent crime show! Sure, there are some plot-holes but the only thing that I can properly criticize is the German synchronization of Jackie Braun (the German investigator) which just felt off in various scenes. It’s also the one voice where I noticed that there actually was synchronization going on which was confirmed by the show’s German Wikipedia page.

No idea how the second season is given that it has a different set of investigators but I loved the first one!

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