100DaysToRead challenge

Thanks to Hyde I found out about the #100DaysToRead challenge yesterday which was started by Amolith at the end of last month. In this challenge you commit to reading for an hour every day, taking notes, and posting a condensed summary of what you’ve learnt from that on social media. You can definitely stretch the term “learnt” here to also include fiction 😉

While that sounds like a good way to get more reading done esp. when you’re normally struggling thanks to other activities like watching Netflix et al., I don’t think it’s something for me. For university I recently had to create summaries on a per-chapter basis of a book and I really didn’t enjoy that. Instead, I will probably just try updating a book’s notes page in my journal every evening with things like timeline information and character relations. Once I’m done with a book I may or may not put that page/spread online but it’s mainly for myself for now.

Sorry, but one challenge is enough for 2020 😄