Restaurant Orathai / Schiffwirt

While most meals we had during our vacation so far where basically getting to the closest hyper market and buying lots of delicious stuff to put on the family grill, today we tried something different. The restaurant Schiffwirt in Pörtschach had recently reopened under new management, aiming to offer high quality Thai meals. It also got a new name fitting the new concept: Orathai. Since my partner really likes Thai I thought we could simply go there, grab something nice and then eat at the lake.

We knew the “old” Schiffwirt and we basically expecting high quality but also at a high price. To our surprise, the prices where actually quite reasonable for the region. € 17 for a Pad Thai doesn’t sound cheap, but it came with freshly prepared Calamari, prawn, and mussels. No instant seafood in sight! My partner had Barramundi and delicious vegetables, € 19.

In case you’re wondering: Yes, the website doesn’t display any prices but they have a take-out menu which does include a price-list.

We didn’t stay that long but definitely caught a few gimpses into the restaurant itself. Quite fancy yet comfortable. Sadly, we won’t have time for another visit during this vacation but we sincerely hope that we’ll have another chance next time we’re in the area 😄