Best BBQ in town!

Every year, Aiola Schloss in Graz hosts a series of BBQs every Wednesday from mid-June to mid-August. For โ‚ฌ 47 you can dine to your heartโ€™s desire from a very well prepared buffet of starters and desserts. The main-course is a series of BBQ booths where cooks freshly prepare steaks, rips, fish, shrimp and more!

If you are in town in that time, make sure to check it out! You have to make a reservation, though, and you should do so as early in the year as possible. IIRC this year we called in April ๐Ÿ˜… โ‚ฌ 47 is a lot of money but IMO the meals are very worth that price! Just make sure that you donโ€™t eat anything else on that day (and perhaps also only very little the day before ๐Ÿคช).