Getting ready for perpetual home-office

During edu-leave I could live with learning from the kitchen desk but now that I’m back at work we needed to do something about our home-office setup. We’ve upgraded the office room with a second adjustable desk and proper office chair.

We now have an Inwerk Masterlift 2 (at 160 cm width which has been my desk for the past 2 years) and an Inwerk Imperio Lift Q2 (at 120 cm width). We both really like Inwerk desks pretty much because they are rock-solid, very high build-quality, and are not that much more expensive compared to some of the ones available at IKEA.

That being said, the rest of the new office is completely IKEA: two Erik drawer units (as they were the cheapest and we only wanted something to unclutter our desks) and a new Järvfjället office chair. Here it’s not yet clear who will eventually get it 😜

Two work desks side-by-side

Another thing that’s not yet completely clear to us, is how the whole noise situation will turn out to be considering that all meetings at our company are currently held via Zoom. I’m pretty sure, though, that we’ll find a way to make it work. If necessary, I can always move out during the calls back to the kitchen table when I don’t need my whole laptop setup.

I’ve also now finally invested into an ergonomic keyboard. I didn’t go all the way in, though, but simply got a Logitech ERGO K860. That being said, it will still probably take a bit of time getting used to since I usually don’t follow the 10-finger system not one 100%. This has become apparent for me with the “b” key, which is on the left half of the keyboard but that I sometimes want to hit with the right hand if the previous character was already on the left side.

After the first couple of days with it, though, I really like it and very much enjoy writing on it. My hands during writing are now finally in a position that doesn’t look like being handcuffed 😅