Backlog explosion

Due to me returning to work last Tuesday, I completely fell off the radar when it came to reading newsfeeds. But even before that I just added new articles to my read-later app and also the number of unplayed podcasts grew and grew. At Yesterday I reached more than 2000 unread items in the newsfeed, more than 100 items on my read-later stack, and more than 30 podcast.

So while the impulse was immensely strong to just start reading another book after finishing 1984 earlier on Saturday, I decided to postpone that. Instead I really should get my various backlogs under control:

  • Get to zero on the newsfeeds at least once every day
  • Eventually get the number of to-read articles below 10
  • Eventually get the number of unplayed podcasts to zero

Until this is done I won’t start reading another book! Heck, perhaps I even wait until I’ve also read a couple of Wired articles. After all, I have a subscription and I should use it! But that’s a bonus 🤪