iPad Air drama

Announced on September 15 it was always advertised as being available in October. For the longest time there were only rumors about a specific release date. And then came the October event on October 13 and all of a sudden we had a quite detailed release-timeline for the iPhone 12 variants but still nothing on the iPad Air.

The best guess was that orders would be possible at the same time as with the iPhone 12. Turns out, that was a good one. Since today at 14:00 the new iPhone can be pre-ordered and the iPad Air can now be ordered! At 19:00 shipping dates have already slipped back into November, though, but Apple Stores seem to receive some priority deliveries. With some luck I’ll be able to have mine next week 🥰 I’m a happy human right now and will be even more so when everything actually works out as planned!

Looks like quite a few folks where waiting for the new devices as Apple.com was struggling, especially between 14:00 and 15:00. Heck, at 19:00 I still could not use my Apple ID to finish the checkout. Good thing that online shops aren’t Apple’s core business 🤪