Vienna on Monday

Monday evening was supposed to be the last night, Austrians could visit their favourite restaurants and bars. Then, 20:00 happened and rumours appeared that there was something happening in Vienna. Turns out someone thought it was a good idea to grab an AK-47, a pistol, and a machete and go around to kill people.

We were just lying on the couch, watching the last episode of Vienna Blood when all of a sudden every broadcast switched to a news special to keep everyone in the loop of what was going on. I think ORF had that special on until the morning, until it was more or less clear what had happened and that it might have perhaps been “just” one perpetrator.

Nine minutes after receiving the alert, police officers managed to stop the attack. Besides the response and great response-time of the emergency services, another aspect quickly made the rounds: In one video of the night, one could hear someone from a window shouting at the perpetrator. “Schleich di, du Oarschloch!” (“Go away, a**hole!”) has by now become the unofficial Viennese response to terrorism! And there were also other heroes who actively supported others, opened their doors so that people could get off the streets and many more!

There is no place for violence and terrorism in Austria!