Full lockdown

Yesterday, the Austrian government held one of their now famous press conferences again. This time (as was already leaked 2 days prior) a complete lockdown was announced for Austria from 2020-11-17 00:00:00 until 2020-12-06. While stores and schools could stay open with the partial lockdown announced two weeks ago, this time everything has to close down again and so pupils have to do “distance learning” again. I just hope this this will work better compared to spring.

Will this be the last lockdown? Will we be able to enjoy the winter holidays with friends and family again? If the behaviour of many of the folks we saw yesterday while returning from a short bike trip is any indication, then no. At our apartment complex there were probably a couple of parties scheduled yesterday evening to “enjoy” the last days before the lockdown was anticipated to begin. Thank you. Thanks to this kind of thinking we are in that mess right now.

In parts of Austria we are not at beyond 80% of available intensive-care beds and we are now among the top-nations worldwide when it comes to new infections. Good job everyone!

Let’s see if I can at least see my parents again until my next birthday in 2021…