Back to the roots with video games

Ever since the first, light lockdown that started with November and now with the full lockdown one activity has helped me relax and stay at least somehow positive like no other: video games. For the last couple of years, playing games has ended up at a very low priority compared to reading books, reading news, or coding on side projects. Unlike these other things, though, video games are completely immersive for me. When I start playing I cannot afford to have my focus on anything else. Either I play, or I don’t.

So, for the last weeks I’ve now mostly focused on Hades (Nintendo Switch) and last week also got back into Dead Cells (Nintendo Switch). Both are rogue-likes and therefore allow me to just jump in and failing has only very little consequence. At the same time, Hades and Dead Cells provide me with some successes every now and then, something that has become very rare otherwise (I didn’t even feel motivated enough for blogging). Whenever I managed to unlock some new gear, it feels great. It’s hard to stay positive when you have no successes, and these games provide at least a bare minimum there. Yesterday, I then noticed that a couple of games I’ve wanted to play for a while were available at a steep discount on Steam and so I’ve reactivated myself gaming PC and am now trying to get to grips with flying an X-Wing against the Galactic Empire in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Sure, this will probably mean that I won’t get through that many books in the next weeks but I need some gaming right now.

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