For all mankind

Apple is currently giving away a free year of Apple TV+. While browsing through the list of exclusives on there I stumbled upon โ€œFor all mankindโ€. The show is about an alternative history in which not the USA but the USSR landed the first human on the moon. What follows that is a decade of space racing where you follow the various Apollo crews and their families through successes, miracles, and tragedies.

Despite the initial premise, the show doesn’t depict either the Soviets or the Americans as good or evil. Sure, there is some conflict and competition but other than that the focus is on the crew and tech around getting them to the moon and back. An interesting story combined with lots of production value, a great soundtrack, and amazing visuals had me hooked after the first two episodes. Since the first season has only 10 episodes we managed to binge through it in two evenings (ok, one evening and half a day ๐Ÿ˜‰)!

An amazing ride with lots of emotional highs and lows; and now I’m looking forward to the second season. Let’s see if that will still happen during my free year ๐Ÿ˜

Bonus trivia: Denise Okuda was a technical advisor here.