Soft-exiting Advent of Code

First of all: If you haven’t stumbled upon Advent Of Code yet and enjoy programming, do yourself a favor and check it out! It’s 2 coding challenges every day packed into a neat holiday-story with lots of fun sprinkled all over it!

Sadly, I cannot participate anymore in every challenge as I’ve reached my mental limit last week. Up until about December 6th I didn’t even have to think about finding them for the puzzles but all of a sudden it was December 9th and I hadn’t done anything for three days. I then tried to catch up but simply couldn’t anymore; I just didn’t have the capacity for it. And then the second puzzle of December 10th gave me the final push: I’m not good at detecting mathematical patterns especially when it comes to prime factorization but at the same time my false pride kept me from just skipping this one puzzle.

The frustration became mounted up to a level that made me tune out of pretty much anything else … and all that about something that should just bring some joy and happiness. Enough of that. For the rest of the AOC I will simply just do the first puzzle of every day and only if I have time and motivation tackle the second one. I applaud those on r/adventofcodewho have so much energy and patience left to dig deep into every puzzle! Have fun and enjoy it!

I just need to turn the volume down a bit…